minute mint


A sweet way to measure time.

"Minute Mint" is a mint that melts at a designated time.*
Once you put it in your mouth, the tablet melts away at the time indicated on the package. It's a new type of horological snack, perfect for an office break or whenever you need a quick off time.

*The time the tablet lasts varies depending on how you taste it, so please note that the indicated time is only a rough estimate.
Chewing on the tablet will make it dissolve even faster.

1:30 Focus mint

Focus / 1.5min

When you need a minute of concentration

1:30 Focus Mint
Net weight : 11g
List Price : ¥198(+tax)
3:00 Refresh lemon

Refresh / 3min

When you want to have a minute to reset

3:00 Refresh Lemon
Net weight : 13g
List Price : ¥198(+tax)